A thriving city needs a variety of establishments to keep it going strong. Every War of Legends building has a role to play in keeping your city safe and your citizens happy. In the city view, click on an empty tile to open the buildings interface. Here you will see a list of all the available buildings. Those that you can build will have a green button next to them, while you will see a grey button next to a building if you have not met the requirements to create it.

Constructing buildings consumes resources, and they all take time to be completed. Move your mouse over the green or grey button next to each building to see how many resources you need to create or upgrade it, as well as information on how long it will take to construct. Click on a completed building in the city view to open its interface; you will see buttons in the top right-hand corner that allow you to upgrade, downgrade or demolish the building. Downgrading or demolishing frees up resources and/or space, while upgrading makes the building more useful than before. Like construction, upgrading a building requires resources and time; high level upgrades can take many hours to complete.

If you're in a hurry, you can use certain artefacts to speed up the construction or upgrading of your buildings.

Building Types

Palace - here you can see the status of your capital city, change your tax rate, make sacrifices to the gods and choose your governor. You can also control your resource production and view the areas that you control. Upgrade your palace to gain control of new lands and build new cities.
Village - this is where your inhabitants live, and villages provide workers and tax revenue. Upgrading your village will raise your maximum capacity for population.
Warehouse - build a warehouse to store your resources and protect them from enemy invasion. The higher your warehouse level, the higher the quantity of resources you can store safely.
Market - this is the only place where you can trade resources with other players and with the game itself. It costs WoLCash to trade with the game or directly with other players, and upgrading your market allows you to buy and sell increasing amounts and send out more trade teams.
Legend sanctuary - before you can recruit any legends to lead your armies, you must build a legend sanctuary. Here you will see a list of available legends and their stats, and the higher the level of the sanctuary, the more frequently the list will be refreshed and the wider your choice of legends.
Legend pavilion - your legends need somewhere to live, and you can use the pavilion to check on the status of the legends and appoint a governor. Higher level pavilions can house more legends. You cannot build a pavilion until you have built a legend sanctuary.
Garrison - before you conquer the world, you're going to need an army. Use your garrison to train different kinds of troops, but remember that you'll need a parade ground before you can build a garrison. Higher level garrisons can train higher level troops.
Parade ground - use your parade ground to manage your armies and assign them to legends. You can also choose how you would like to defend your city. Upgrade your parade ground to send higher numbers of armies on missions.
Ally base - you will need to build an ally base before you can join or create an alliance with a fellow player. Increasing the level of your base will allow you to create larger alliances.
University - this building is vital to your city's development, as you can undertake research that will improve your ability to gather resources, conduct espionage, lead your armies and earn gold.
Smithy - as well as being essential for the building of an armoury, your smithy can be used to enhance and smith special equipment that can be used by your legends.
Armoury - your army relies on this to produce all of the weapons and armour it needs. You will need to build a smithy before you can build an armoury.
Stable - this is the home of your mounted spies, traders and messengers. The higher the stable's level, the higher the number of transportation teams you can have, and the greater the quantity of resources you can transport.
Relay base - speed up the travel time of your allies with this building. This can only be built if you already have a stable and have researched the riding skill to level 1.
Spy camp - build a spy camp to create spy teams and increase the success rate of your espionage. This can only be built if you already have a stable.
Watchtower - this defensive building can identify an enemy's intended target and reduce the success rate of their spy missions.
Ramparts - building strong city walls helps you defend yourself against invasion. Upgrading your ramparts will also allow you to further upgrade your palace.
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