Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome to War of Legends!

To play War of Legends, you can use your existing Jagex login details. If you do not have a Jagex account, you can create one here.

At the start of the game, you will need to select a class (Monk, Seer or Warrior) and gender for your ruler. Then choose a part of the world where you want to start building your first city.

Upon entering the game, there are several important interfaces that you need to familiarise yourself with.

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Throughout the game, you will need to carefully manage your resources.

Every action taken in War of Legends, such as creating a new building or building more troops, will have an effect on your resources. These need to be managed carefully to ensure a fine balance.

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You can switch between 3 major locations to manage your empire: your city, where you construct all your buildings; the outskirts, which is used for buildings that will increase your resource income; and a map to manage your conquests and invasions.

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As a new player, it is important to familiarise yourself with the tasks available to you. There are hundreds of tasks for players to complete in War of Legends.

Your very first goal should be to complete all Novice tasks, which will guide you through all aspects of creating and managing your city. Completing this will also reward you with a lot of resource required for further expansion.

Check your tasks regularly to see what you have completed, claim your rewards and set yourself new goals!

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This interface is used to track what buildings you have under construction, providing an overview of your active research and military operations.

War of Legends contains hundreds of items, which can be gained by completing tasks, invading new areas of the map and via our in-game shop.

Use the Inventory and Shop buttons to manage the use and purchase of your items.

This concludes our "Getting Started" section!

There are many more things to discover in War of Legends. We hope that you enjoy playing the game and look forward to seeing you on the battle field!

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