In order for alliances to form and war to be one, rulers have to communicate. The chat window in the bottom left of the screen is one of your key tools for interacting with other players (besides invading their territory of course).

Chat Options

There are many different ways to communicate with players via the chat window. The top row of the chat box gives options for viewing different types of chat.

  • Global– This shows all chat information that you are receiving from all sources, both other players and the game itself.
  • World – World shows only server-wide posts from players to all other players. In order to send a message to everyone on the server you will need to obtain Horn artefacts . One Horn artefact is equal to one post in the World channel.
  • Alliance – This view displays only communication relevant to the Alliance you are currently in. This is ideal for discussing plans and making trade agreements between yourself and your allies. If you are not in alliance you will not receive any messages via this view.
  • Private – Private shows only messages sent directly to you by other players. Private messages are only visible to the recipient and the sender.
  • System – Selecting 'System' shows only those messages given to you by the game itself. When a building is complete or troops return to your city, the game will notify you in the chat pane.

Separately in the very bottom left of the game window you can select how your messages will be broadcast to other players.

  • World – With this setting select your messages will be sent to the World pane for all players to see. It will cost one Horn artefact per message sent.
  • Alliance – This will send your message to the Alliance channel, so that only members of your Alliance may read it.
  • Private – Private sends only to the selected player. In order to use this channel you must enter at the start of your message '/' followed by the user’s name, and then your message. For example '/John Hi John!'.

The Shield option allows you to safeguard against posting in a specific channel. By setting Shield to 'World' for example, any messages you attempt to send to the World channel will not be sent. This is to help make sure you don’t send those secret plans to all and sundry by accident. The 'Submit' control is located to the right of the message input box. Selecting this via the mouse, or pressing 'Enter' will send your message.
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Additional Controls

The control in the bottom right of the chat pane labelled 'Screen' will expand the chat pane to allow you to read more text at a time. Simply click the control again to cycle the available sizes.

The red option with a hand symbol is for reporting abuse received via the chat pane. For more information on this option click here.

Tip: Remember to check what setting your chat is on before hitting 'Submit'! You don’t want to send Alliance plans to the enemy.

Tip: Remember never to give out personal information, and always follow the Rules of Conduct whenever talking to players in game.

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