Items - The Basics

Items are items of great mystical power that can be used to help you build your kingdom. You can purchase items from the shop interface using WoLCash, and you can even send them to other players as gifts. Items are split into the following categories:

Using Items

Items harness magical properties to perform a variety of functions. You can receive items as rewards for completing tasks, and you may receive coupons as task rewards that can be redeemed in the in-game shop. Alternatively, you can add some WoLCash to your account using the most suitable payment method for you, click here to go to our Billing site. You will then be able to purchase items from the in-game shop.

To purchase an item from the shop, click on the gold button and choose the required quantity and payment method (coupon or WoLCash). To send an item as a gift to another player, click on the red button and enter the name of the recipient. Please note that gift items can only be purchased with WoLCash.

As well as being able to purchase items that can help your productivity and development, you can buy treasure chests filled with handy items or armour for your legends. You may also be able to buy items that can help you complete tasks.

There are two ways to use an item; firstly, you can open your inventory and left-click on an item and click 'use'. Alternatively, you can click on one of the golden 'plus' buttons to see a list of suitable items and then select the one you want to use. Item effects have different durations, from a couple of hours to 30 days, or their effects may be instantaneous, one-off improvements.

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