Strongholds are impressive fortifications located across the map. They can be claimed by alliances for domination over a certain region. This creates a new way for alliances to help each other to fight for victory. Alliances can battle amongst each other or work together to take over these legendary cities. The Stronghold icon is located below the Divination Trigram and can only be used when in an alliance.


Similar to the rules of a famous city the Strongholds have certain rules. Strongholds can only be taken or defended once a week at a certain time. To attack or defend your Stronghold you will go through varies stages of preparation before war. A flow chart of this process can be found below.

Application Stage Strategy Settings Stage Combat Stage Rewards Stage
8PM from Saturday till 12AM next Saturday Deadline 7PM
(1 hour before fight)
Starts 8PM Saturday 8PM from Saturday till 12AM next Saturday
Target set (Leader)
Vote (Members)
Objectives set confirm allies (Leader)
Final Donations
Stronghold battle (Leader) Alliance Rewards
All Rewards

Application Stage

At the application stage you must assign a target (objective) for your alliance. To set an objective you must wait until after the end of the previous battle. However, you must set a new objective before midday of the following Saturday, before the next battle. Please note this is done server time. Only the alliance leaders can select an objective, members can vote for what Stronghold they wish to attack, however the leader gets the final choice. (For more information see Target Setting).

Strategy Settings Stage

The strategy for the battle must be confirmed one hour before the fight. The deadline for this is at 7PM. The objective must be selected as to what Strongholds are being attacked or defend. Other alliances can request to assist attacking alliances. These must be confirmed at this stage. (For more information see Strategy). The leader can also appoint another member of the alliance to run the battle. (See Appointment) All donations must be completed ready for the battle as no further legends or troops can be assigned after this period. (See Donations)

Combat Stage

The battle starts at 8PM Saturday, the alliance leader or appointed member than controls the battle. Before the normal battle an interface will appear which allows for the alliance(s) to be assigned an order. (For more information see Combat).

Rewards Stage

At this stage rewards can be collected for any spoils as a result of the battles. They must be claimed before the next application stage ends at 12AM Saturday. (For more information see Rewards).

Stronghold Locations

Strongholds are located all over the map. They can be seen on the general map as the larger icons than the famous cities. Alternatively they can be seen on the first tab for Stronghold, using the 'Check' button. The map shows controlled Strongholds locations in yellow and hostile and neutral in red. Over time more Strongholds will appear…


On every tab you have a 'Don.' button which allows you to make donations to the alliance for efforts in Stronghold battles. The donations button allows you to donate legends, troops and items for battle. You can check and uncheck your legends to donate or collect them back. Whereas troops can be donated based on availability, with a minimum of 100 troops and cannot be returned. Items can be donated but cannot be returned. One of the main items for donation is the 'War Token' available from the shop. (See Target Setting).

Note: You cannot donate troops which are assigned to legends.


  • Information - alliance information
  • Strategy - objectives
  • Armament - mobilising army
  • Campsite - legends/troops available
  • Rewards - items available
  • Rules - how to play


Just like the alliance tab the Strongholds have two users, the alliance leader and members. Below is a description for features available to alliance leaders.

Alliance Leader


Shows alliance information:

  • Alliance name
  • Alliance level
  • Alliance total reputation
  • Side (faction)
  • Fights
  • Owned Strongholds

Target Setting

Here is where the alliance leader can select the target (objective) for the alliance and look at applications of support. To set a target the leader clicks the 'Setting' button, which displays the map with locations of all Strongholds. The leader can then select a Stronghold by clicking the Stronghold icons on the map.

Attacker and Attack Assistant

When selecting a Stronghold not controlled by your alliance you will have the options 'attacker' and 'attack assistant'. If the alliance wishes to take a city for itself they can use the 'Attacker' feature to attack that Stronghold. If however they wish to assist another attacking alliance they can select the 'Attack assistant' which will display a drop-down box with names of attacking alliances. This feature only works for alliances that are set as friendly.

Defence Assistant

If you select a Stronghold which is controlled by an alliance which you are friendly with, you will be given the option 'Defence Assistant'.

Note: To defend a Stronghold, see the Strategy section below.

The 'Application' button allows you to view what other alliances are attacking.

Remember you must always click the 'Save' button when finished. This will require 20 'War Tokens' available from the shop. The 'Cancel' button can be used to select a new target, however you will lose the 'War Tokens' and will have to spend another 20 on the new target.

The table to the left shows Strongholds that are controlled by the alliance and the other tab 'Reference Object' shows previous Strongholds locations along with a total count for member's votes.


Up to one hour before the battle the leader can set another member of the alliance to control the battle. This can be done using the 'App' button on the Information Tab.

Strategy Tab

This tab looks at your objectives in terms of what Strongholds you are attacking and defending. It will show when other alliances are offering assistance, which you must check the box next to the alliances name to confirm them and click save. The same is for the defence option below.

Armament Tab

Here legends and troops that have been donated can be assigned for battle. As normal during fights only five legends can be selected. Once chosen you can then choose a Strategy (Which artefacts you have assigned to use) and assign troops. The Stronghold of battle allows legends to carry more troops than normal; this is adjusted based on your alliance level. A level 0 alliance would have ten times the number of normal troops, whereas a level five alliances will have 15 times the number of normal troops. Items can also be assigned to battle here and will change based on alliance level.

Functions at the bottom right allow you quick options to fill your legends of their selected troop type, by checking the 'Make up automatically' box. The 'Empty' button removes all troops from assigned legends. The 'Save' button is required to recorded any changes you make to either function or the manual change to troops.

Campsite Tab

This shows all idle legends and troops that have been donated to the alliance. The two tables break down the army information. The first table shows the total number of each troop type. When you place the cursor over a troop type it will display a breakdown of each troop for example:

  • Archery Series X 16000
    • Archers X 5000
    • Skilled Archers X 0
    • Expert Archers X 10000
    • Master Archers X 1000

The bottom table looks at legends' stats, their level, life, mana and more. The 'Check' button at the side of each legend allows you to view the legend's avatar and equipped items.

Rewards Tab

Your contributions and support in the Stronghold battles will earn you rewards. You will be given honour to spend on a series of great prizes, including Gemstones, Labour bills or Integration. You do not have to be the main attacker for rewards; donation of troops can earn honour as well as supporting another alliance in battle.

Honour can be obtained by donating troops, legends obtain honour through victory. The breakdown of these two methods can be seen for the current week. Your current obtained honour is shown in the present honour box. The table below shows all the items available, how many are available any limit on items and the amount of honour required.

Further Rewards

After a successful victory over a Stronghold, the leader of the alliance can also use the 'Rewards' button that appears on the Stronghold to collect further rewards.

Rules Tab

(See Rules above)

Alliance Members

Like the alliance tab, members have limited access to features. Members can see all the information that a leader can but have less control over objectives and battle strategy and mechanics.

However, members of an alliance have a feature called 'Vote'. All Strongholds not controlled by the user's alliance will have a 'Vote' button, which allows members to tell the alliance which Stronghold the majority wish to attack. This doesn't mean that members have control over the target, however. The leader of the alliance makes the decision as to what objective is set.


When selected, the Strongholds display the alliance owner's information, the leader of the alliance, the faction, the alliance level, any Stronghold items and the number of members in the alliance. The buttons adjust based on whether you own the Stronghold or if you are attacking. Alliance leaders 'Attacking' will be able to see 'Setup' to set a new objective, 'Spy' to gather information and 'Check' to review any battle reports. Members will have a 'Vote' button instead of the 'Setup' button available to the leader.

Defenders will have the 'Favorite', 'Reward' and 'Check' buttons.


On Saturday at 8PM battle will begin. A Stronghold icon will appear on the bottom left opposite to where the battle icon will appear. When selected, the Stronghold Combat window will appear. This will show which alliance you are attacking, any results so far and the remaining time until battle. On the left you have a table called 'Selected the battle order'. Here you can select which alliance you wish to go first if you have alliances assisting you. Simply click the alliances in the order you wish them to engage in combat. The middle table updates each fight to show the outcome, the right table shows items available.

The bottom table shows army information, which legends have been selected and the troops they have assigned.

Once set up is complete, you can click the 'Ready' bottom which will highlight the 'Draw' button, only when both parties acknowledge they are ready. This will then bring up the fight.

As normal you can exit from the fight back to the normal game interface, here you will have two icons, the left to review the Stronghold Combat window and the Battle icon which will return you to the fight. After each fight the Stronghold Combat window will appear to show the outcome and next battle information.

Multiple Attacks on a Stronghold

When multiple alliances attack a Stronghold, they must all fight in turn. The winner of the challengers for the Stronghold will then battle the current defender of the Stronghold, either another alliance or NPCs.

  • Alliance A owns a Stronghold
  • Alliances B, C, D and E attack Player A's Stronghold

The fight would be as follows:

Round 1 Alliance B Vs Alliance C = Winner Alliance B
Alliance D Vs Alliance E = Winner Alliance D
Round 2 Alliance B Vs Alliance D = Winner Alliance D
Round 3 Alliance D Vs Alliance A

The fight information can be reviewed by selecting the Stronghold using the 'Check' button; each round will have its own page. The example above would have three pages.

Note: A disadvantage to the attacking alliances is that they will lose troops during all the previous rounds.