Tasks are a great way to explore more about the game and get all sorts of rewards. You could quickly improve your reputation, find treasure, gain troops or recruit Legends by completing different challenges. Tasks are suitable for all level players, and as you complete them, more will become available.

The tasks menu can be accessed by clicking on 'Task' in the top right corner. To begin a task, read the task name and description. You will find instructions for how to complete the task, as well as a list of objectives and rewards. As you follow the instructions and complete the objectives, they will turn green. As soon as all of the objectives have been completed, you will be able to click on 'receive' to have the reward sent to your inventory.

Novice Tasks

Novice tasks are a great place to start for War of Legends newcomers. As well as stepping through many of the game features and controls, by the time you have completed them, your city will be taking shape and your resources will be mounting up. You should then be confident with the basics of gameplay, and can try some of the more advanced tasks.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks allow you to complete new objectives each day. There are also tasks for growth, practise, crusade, legends, alliance, destiny and territory. As the difficulty of the tasks increases, as will the value of the reward! Some tasks types can be epic, so be sure to be prepared if you want to complete them all.

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