What kind of ruler wouldn’t have their own private army? Legends are amazing warriors, but even they would struggle against a thousand archers! In War of Legends you’ll need to build and assign troops to each of your legends in order to achieve victory in the battles ahead.

Before you can construct your armies, you will have to build a Garrison in your city.

Troop types

You can use your garrison to train four different types of unit. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses against each other. Not all types will be available to start with, and you’ll have to match each unit type’s requirements before you can train them.

  • Halberdier – this is the starting unit that you will be able to train. Halberdiers aren’t as strong as other types, but can be constructed quickly and Legends can lead large numbers into battle to overwhelm smaller armies. The Halberdier is slightly stronger than normal against Charioteers.
  • Swordsmen – these are generally stronger than Halberdiers, but require more resources to train. Swordsmen are stronger against Archers, and their tougher armour makes them that bit more resilient in combat.
  • Archers – this unit is strong against Halberdiers, however training Archers does use up a lot of resources such as wood and food. Archers also have a special ability in that they strike first in any battle. In large numbers they can defeat their opponents before they’ve even had a chance to attack!
  • Charioteers – these are the strongest unit in the game, and are simply awesome in battle! They specialise against swordsmen. Legends can only lead small numbers at a time, and you will need a large population to train them, but once they charge you’ll know it was worth it.
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Army Management

In order to assign troops to a Legend’s command, you will need a Parade Ground. Once your parade ground is constructed and you’ve trained some units, you can click on the Parade Ground from the City View, and then select 'Assign' near the bottom right of the interface to take you to the troop assignment interface. From here you can select your Legend to command from the left hand side, then which troop type they are going to lead, and then how many units from those available they will control.

Tip: Remember to leave a Legend with some troops behind in each city to defend from marauding players!

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