There are three view buttons at the top of the game screen. The first button takes you to the city view, the second to your resources, and the third takes you to a view of the area around your city. This area is filled with wildlands, a variety of landscapes that can be conquered and explored.

Each wildland has a level, and the higher the level, the tougher the troops and legends guarding the wildland. You can send one or more armies, led by legends, to a wildland of your choice. Higher level wildlands will require you to send large amounts of troops and experienced legends to ensure victory. Each wildland presents you with a number of options:

  • Invade - if your army is victorious, your troops will win resources and return to the city.
  • Occupy - if your army is victorious, your troops will be stationed in the wildland, and you will continually benefit from any resource bonus.
  • Spy - you can choose to spy on a wildland to find out more about it.
  • Search & explore - when occupying a wildland, you can decide to spend some time searching for legends, or exploring in the hope of finding treasure. The longer you spend searching or exploring, the greater your chance of success.
  • Dispatch - you can send more troops to the wildland.
  • Check - you can view the troops that are stationed at the wildland and choose to send them back to your city if required.
  • Practise - when occupying a wildland, you can choose to practise, and improve the skills and experience of your army.

Each wildland is occupied by an enemy army, and if your legend defeats them in battle, you will gain reputation and experience, and you also have a chance to gain resources and legends. The resource bonus for each wildland varies depending on its level. To pacify a captured legend and persuade them to join your cause, you can give them a reward of gold or jewels that may increase their loyalty.

Types of Wildland

There are six different types of wildland:


  • You cannot gain any resources from flatlands, but you can build a new city on them if you have a high enough position.


  • Lakes offer a food bonus if invaded or occupied.


  • Forests offer a wood bonus if invaded or occupied.


  • Hills offer a copper bonus if invaded or occupied.


  • Mountains offer a stone bonus if invaded or occupied.


  • Paradises can be used for practice once they have been occupied by your troops.
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