Scamming Prevention Guide


While War of Legends is for the most part a friendly community with honest players, just as in real life there will be some untrustworthy and dishonest people who will look to gain an unfair advantage by trying to scam you of your items/account.

Our policy is to never return lost items to players that have been scammed. Doing so just encourages users to claim they lost items they never had to gain an unfair advantage. We provide a totally safe way to trade in the game.

We suggest that you read the following information to ensure that you do not fall victim to a scammer.

Scamming Prevention FAQ

What is a scam?

A scam is the act of acquiring items or account information from another player through misinformation, confusion and pressure, or by taking advantage of basic trust.

What do I do if I get scammed?

Unfortunately, if you do fall victim to a scam we cannot return any of the lost items to your player. However, you can report the scammer during the event by using the in game 'report abuse' button which is situated at the top-right of the chat window. For more information see our Reporting Abuse guide.

Tips to avoid having your account stolen

Trojans/Key loggers

This is probably the most common way players have their accounts stolen. Trojan/key loggers normally come in the form of an executable (.exe) file, but can take different forms and are normally cleverly renamed to try and hide the .exe extension. Often they are passed off as possible applications that claim to be related to War of Legends (cartoons, calculators etc). They may be distributed as part of an email attachment, a download from a website or even an instant messenger file transfer.

Scam sites

These are sites that claim to offer advantages to players and will ask for your character name and password to give them to you. These are normally things like item/stat upgrades, free items, beta testing, moderator applications etc.

We do not offer any of these services and anything claiming to is ALWAYS a scam. You should NEVER be entering your War of Legends password into a website that is not or one of the other official Jagex sites.

Fake emails

  • We never send emails saying we need your password to check you aren't cheating!
  • We never send emails saying we need your recovery questions to check you didn't steal the account.
  • We never send emails containing attachments of any sort.
  • We never send emails saying we need your password to let you join the Jagex staff.
  • We never send emails offering to let you test new features or servers. These are fakes!

Staff impersonation

All Player Support issues are dealt with officially through our Player Support area on the War of Legends website under 'help > customer support'.

Staff will NEVER ask for your details in-game and never request that you give items to them. If someone does approach you claiming to be Jagex staff and asks for information that makes you suspicious, then it is certainly someone impersonating our staff. These characters should be reported using the in-game report system.

Downloading third party software

Programs that claim to give you an advantage in War of Legends will be one of two things:

  1. A macro program that will control your character for you while you are away from your computer. Our systems detect these and we permanently ban any accounts we find using them.
  2. A keylogger or trojan virus.

Either way, your account and any information you have on your computer will be at risk and we suggest you NEVER download these types of programs, for your own safety.

For more detailed information on keeping your account secure, please visit our in-depth Security Information guide.

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